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Foodie Call | Velveeta


Agency Johannes Leonardo
Chief Creative Officer Julia Neumann
Group Creative Director Zoe Kessler
Creative Lead Lannie Hartley
Creative Lead Andrew Chin
Creative Lead Marjorie Vardo
Art Director Anna Cevallos
Copywriter Paula Gete-Alonso
Design Lead Shaung Wan
Designer Isobel Connelley

Life’s two greatest pleasures are sex… and food. Yet late at night when one ramps up, the other shuts down, creating a food desert. So we helped Velveeta to create the foodie call: late night’s first ever booty call food delivery service. 

New Yorkers were able to add 855-VELVEET to their booty call text and get the hottest meals delivered to their door, making their wildest food fantasies come true. 

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